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2022 Best SEO Trends for Your Website

seo trends 2022

SEO is the act of enhancing your website with features that make it discoverable by search engines and end users. In simple terms, SEO entails the interventions that are meant to enhance your website traffic and search engine rankings. SEO is dynamic because of several things such as changes of consumer preferences, changes in search engine algorithms and competitors’ advancements. As a digital marketer, you always need to stay focused to ensure nothing passes you especially if you intend to maintain the lead. Most users prefer organic results as compared to paid listings which means you with good SEO, you enhance your conversion rates.

Excellence in SEO requires a broad approach and analysis of search metrics including organic traffic, references, social shares and even how well people have rated the content on your website. Knowing trends is important because it helps you to make excellent strategies on SEO interventions and know which ones to prioritize on.

Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over

Artificial Intelligence is synonymous to machine learning in which search engines have algorithms that can learn user behavior.  Google’s AI algorithm is one of the most common AI tools used to help search engines determine user behavior and other end user preferences. So how doesn’t this help SEO planner or how can you enhance your website to meet Rank Brain strategies? Rank brains you to understand some consumer behaviors like where people stay for long reading your content, what terms people mostly search and which part of your content has a lot of click through rate. Through such statistics, you are able craft content that is based on consumer behavior so that you enjoy excellent outcomes.

Voice Search is Becoming Very Popular

People no longer have the time to type keywords and other phrases on search engines. The simplicity that comes with just speaking is pleasant to everyone and that is why voice searches have skyrocketed. Voice commands are different searching terms. With the rise of tools like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa, this practice of voice search is becoming increasingly popular.

To make sure you optimize your website for voice searches, make sure you first imagine the voice terms that people could speak when looking for your products or services. It is recommended that you should use Long keywords and long phrases so that you stand at a high position of matching the long phrases that people speak. An example is, people would search for, “Bus ticket in Mumbai” but when doing voice searches they could say “how much is bus ticket in Mumba”.

Mobile Friendly Sites Are Taking Over

As it stands, mobile users are at 73 percent of those using desktops meaning if your site is not mobile friendly, you could end up losing a lot of traffic. As we move forward, it is predicted that nearly all internet users will be using their mobile phones to access the so internet which means if your site is not mobile friendly, you could end up losing a lot of revenue and traffic.

To see whether your website is mobile friendly or not, you can check it on the Google’s free mobile-friendly test. It helps you to see how well your website is optimized for mobile accessibility. You can also check how many people use mobile to access your website by looking at Google Search Console so that you maximize on your website ranking and revenue opportunities. Always make sure you have excellent developer who can make sure the website is coded in a mobile friendly manner to make you get lots of traffic. Eliminate all the “disallow directive” from your URLS to make sure crawlers can easily find the URLs for your web pages and blogs. Use the same meta descriptions and robots on both desktop and mobile.

Relevant Content Plays a Major Role

The era of filling your website with just words is long gone. Google wants all content to be uphold expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EAT) principle which is what everyone must adhere to ensure they all have the best influence on people. Always have experts creating your content to ensure facts, principles and other aspects are well described and articulated to ensure you educate and inform people appropriately.

Have your website pages linked to high authority sites so that you enhance credibility of your site and make people believe your content. Always use statistics and search intent to ensure you know what consumers want to know so that you craft relevant content that will make you get lots of followers online.

Long Form Content Has a Lead Over Short Content

According a new report shown by State of Content Marketing Report, it has shown that long form content of more than 3000 words receive more attention four times compared to short form content. It has also been seen that such long content receives backlinks 3.5 times more than content of words amount between 1000 to 1500 words. Looking at these statistics, it is important to always capitalize on long form content for your blogs and sites. That way, you will be able to enjoy excellent outcomes at all times.

Needless to say, content quality is always the best factor to major on. Give the users content that they would feel it’s good to share, to like and even to use as reference. Use of H1 and H2 and H3 is one of the ways to enhance relevance and readability. Always link to authority sites and make sure headings are clear for easy scanning by search engine crawlers. Include a shareable link of the content at the heading or at the conclusion part so that people can easily share your content and make it available to many people.

Featured Snippets Can Work Wonders on Your Content

Have you imagined how many long form articles you would be required to create to emerge top? You can overtake this requirement by having a snippet feature on Google page results. These snippets act like a summary of your page that pops up on the results page when someone searches a keyword on your content. The attention on the internet user is quickly diverted to that section and they click it. If you amplify the use of snippets, you could win lots of traffic and even enhance your ranking on search engines.

The Predictive Search Principle is Taking Over

There is need to understand consumer behavior if one is to create content that would be effective. Your content should be predicting the consumer’s future behavior based on the current behavior exhibited on their search patterns. Google brought the Google Discover AI tool which has been predicting consumer behavior. This way, content creators can use the user patterns and understand what issues to address on their content to fulfill the desires of the consumer. This is the best way to ensure your content becomes relevant and effective. Some of the key elements that Google discover takes into account includes location history, history of browsing, app usage traits, calendars, search history, and home and work locations are all relevant. With such a data, you are able to know what to do to make the best content that will capture the attention of the users.

An Auxiliary Video Channel is Necessary

According to Cisco, video is the new wave in town that people should capitalize on. A video serves as a quick access to all information and it also breaks the boredom of staring at texts. For that reason, always have a video in your SEO strategy. Make sure to optimize your videos with the relevant keywords and content to ensure you become discoverable on the search engines.

You can as well market the videos to help magnify your brand so that you become popular to all your fans across the globe. Look for the best keywords to optimize and you can do this by typing some of the keywords and use the ones that keep popping up.

Optimize Your Images

The era of people opening pages and looking at images is long gone. In fact, your images won’t be found online if you don’t make some descriptions on them with keywords. Always include captions with keywords on them so that search engines can find images when they search related terms. Images without description is like posting a product image without a product description.


Always make sure you look at the new trends to help you remain relevant to search engines. Any intervention that is outdated would not add any impact to your website ranking or revenue enhancement. You can also capitalize on local search listings so that your site becomes visible on the local clients from your geographical areas.