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Front-End Client Coding For Websites

Front-End Client Coding
Front-End Client Coding For Websites

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new site or a fully established company. Front-end development is what makes your website appear approachable to your target audience. Because of this, Search Engine Ways provides a front-end coding service to help your website look and perform better than the competition.

With our team of established coders, we’ll make sure that your site is up and running with a responsive design. This allows you focus on running your business and marketing to your customers.

What is Front-End Development?

Front-end coding utilizes HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create a website. These languages are used to build the View, which is the part of the web application that a user can directly view interact with.

One of the challenges of front-end coding is that the techniques and tools are constantly changing. Languages and systems are updated and changed sometimes on a monthly basis. This means that our web developers must always stay up-to-date in order to produce and maintain the kind of high-quality websites that Search Engine Ways creates.

The objective of creating a site is to provide information for users that are both  relevant and readable. This can be complicated as users tend to use multiple devices with varying screen resolutions and sizes. As a result, web developers must code a site that’s responsive to the viewing screen of any device that happens to be browsing it.

Front-end developers need to make sure that their site appears correct in many browsers, different  devices, and operating systems. This requires a great deal of planning on the developer’s end. Here at Search Engine Ways, we are proud to employ experienced front-end developers who can create a professional site within a few short days

Frameworks and How They Can Help You

A framework is a kind of pre-made template for a website or an application. It automates a lot of the tedious coding work required to create server databases and Model-View-Controller (MVC) interaction.

Working with these frameworks allows our developers to create advanced web applications with ease, and gives us a turn-around time that we guarantee is faster than the competition. In addition to the ease and quickness, frameworks also give us benefits such as:

  • Time-tested methods and code structure
  • Ultra-responsive features
  • Quicker database response times

 -Rest Easy with Pre-Tested Code

The front-end frameworks that our developers use are based upon  accepted and widely-used code. Some of the most common frameworks we use are the Ruby on Rails framework, AngularJS, and ReactJS. These are time-tested languages, on powerful frameworks. The amount of support and tools available is astounding.

One huge advantage of front-end coding is that you’re more likely to create a website that runs quickly   over a range of browsers.and mobile devices. Thus, front-end coding is great as it allows you to use professionally tested code to make websites with ease.

 -Easy for Beginners to Use

Frameworks provide a great platform for the beginning developer. There are a lot of creative thinkers with great ideas who lack the technical knowledge to manifest them into real-world applications and websites. Frameworks help these developers by reducing the learning curve and allowing for easy access to the functionality of their application.

They are also great for building glitch-free sites. Most frameworks are written with technically robust  code designed to thwart bugs and system glitches. With all of the various templated styles and boilerplate codes that come with these frameworks, developers can give their web application a unique and timeless flair.

-Community Assistance

The frameworks that we use have a large community of contributors, and finding assistance with any technical problems is a walk in the park. That means no more frustrated bouts of beating your keyboard to  a pulp.

Search Engine Ways offers 24/7 technical support and will walk you through  any issue that your site is currently experiencing. Is your site running too slow? Our tech guys can help you diagnose the problem at the root and get it back to full speed!

How Can We Help?

Our mission is to deliver high-end sites and web applications that increase conversions within your niche. With Search Engine Ways, you’re backed by developers with 7+ years of industry experience.

We want to see your brand succeed in the long run. By opting for our front-end services we ensure that your site will have a responsive design and be displayed in an attractive format for your customers. Start with Search Engine Ways if you want a website that you and your customers will be proud of.

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