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In 2018, You Need to Humanize Your Social Media

Social Media 2018
In 2018, You Need to Humanize Your Social Media

If your brand isn’t using social media to stay in your customer’s minds and actively convert, then you’re not getting half the business that you should. You’ve probably heard it before, whether it was at a business conference, or perhaps just a teenager asking why you didn’t have an Instagram account. But it’s a subject that’s so vital to your business’s success that it’s worth mentioning again.

Stay in their minds, all the time

There are few things that today’s people spend more time looking at than their phone screens. It’s so bad that countries have had to pass laws to get people to stop staring at their phones while speeding down the highway.

For the businessman, however, it’s not so bad. 75% of people staring down at their phone are looking at social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube… they are all looking for the most controversial opinions, the most scandalous news, posts that lists ten tips to make them a better chef or a better lover. They all want instant gratification and enjoyment.

If you can provide them with this, then you’ll be liked. It doesn’t matter that you’re a business and that your ultimate goal is to sell them something. What matters is that you offer them entertainment or something to read.

Even the negative people who post comments are bringing increased recognition to your brand. They give you the ability not only to see where your company needs to improve but the opportunity to interact directly and publicly with somebody who’s had a bad experience and fix their problem and maybe even make a conversion.

Social media is human

Your best relationships didn’t develop overnight and neither will your business. In the past, digital marketing was all about banner ads, email marketing, and direct sales content. However, social media is far more human and requires you to finesse your way into a sale.

How it used to be

In the early days of the internet, you could send out mass emails and expect an 80% open rate. It was new, and people were willing to give you a chance. Now, most emails go directly into the trash folder before most people even have a chance to read the main subject line, and banner ads get fewer clicks every day.

Apply human principles to social media marketing

This is where a lot of businesses fail when it comes to their social media presence. They’re used to the old model of digital marketing which just involved continually asking somebody to look at your product and give your business attention.

As we stated earlier, social media is all about instant gratification. People want to be given something. If your idea of social media marketing is just sending people direct messages on Twitter with a link to your product, you won’t get anywhere.

This is what makes the content so important. You have to give, give, and then give some more before you move in to close the sale. People need to know that you value them for more than just their money and that you value them as a person and seek to help them or provide entertainment.


Wendy’s has become famous across social media the last two years for their latest digital marketing strategy. They did what no other fast-food restaurant had done before and provided comedic entertainment.

They became increasingly active on Twitter, regularly talking down and making jokes about their competitors and making casual, blunt jokes that poked fun at negative commenters. It wasn’t long before people were screenshotting Wendy’s tweets and sharing them everywhere. It was funny, people laughed, and they kept going back for more.

The next time they’re driving down the street and get hungry, that Wendy’s sign is going to be far more appealing and they’re going to associate it with good humor and satisfaction. Arby’s was quick to follow suit and started making funny, memorable TV commercials that people would actually watch instead of hitting ‘mute’ on.

How you can implement humanity into your marketing strategy

Maybe you have no desire to be funny or aren’t in a market where it’s a good idea to poke fun at your followers, but you still want to be appealing.

The most important thing you can offer is free content. Think about what your brand can offer for free, that also leaves your followers wanting more and willing to make a future purchase. Here are a few examples to consider:

  • If you run a fitness blog or dieting company that wants to convert sign-ups, try posting free weekly workout videos or offering a free diet planning guide.
  • If you run a dating site, give out free tips on how to flirt, where to meet people, etc.
  • If you run a photography business, make sure your Instagram and Facebook followers can always see your work. Provide them with photos that will make them smile and hit the ‘like’ button.

If you can make people happy, and get them interested you’re halfway to making the sale. If they see quality content 75% of the time, they’re not going to mind advertisements the other 25% of the time and will be far more open to reading the advertisement.

So stop making excuses, get on social media, and start networking, and you will be rewarded with brand recognition, and increased sales.

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