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 SEO Tips for New Business That Want to Rank High On Search Engines


Building an appealing, professional and seamless website is one thing and having it noticed by clients is another. Would it make sense to invest a huge amount of money designing and developing a website yet clients can’t find it on search engines? Search Engine Optimization is the act of making your website become visible on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. It starts by building your site the appropriate way then performing a profound SEO optimization. By doing so, you generate more traffic and enhance your sales. Here are the Top Tips for Top-Ranking Your Website on Search Engines

Use Appropriate Keywords

Think of the phrases or key statements that your audience would search for on search engines when looking for your products. An example is when you are selling fashion products like T-shirts. Clients can search phrases like ‘casual shirts’ or they may search terms like ‘T-shirt in India” among many other phrases.

You probably couldn’t know the exact phrase they would use so the best thing to do is to make a list of the possible keywords. Make a list of like 50 keywords. Once you have your big list of keywords, you can then use GoogleAdwords to help you narrowing down the list to the most searched keywords. If you are having a problem in developing the keywords, you can use the Keyword Tool from Google Adwords to help you generate a list of keywords.

It is recommended that you use all the keywords you have generated on all website pages so that when a client searches for the keyword, one of your website pages would pop up at the top results of the search engine. Use Keywords on Urls, Tittles and metadata descriptions for an enhanced ranking and easy discoverability.

Emphasize On Your Unique Traits

You are competing against weak and powerful competitors for online visibility. To rise above the bar on web searches on your niche, it is important to look for the individualistic features that would differentiate from the others. Unique offerings or offers are one of them and the second one is location. Make your offers available to the public and make sure you tag your location so that clients don’t get confused on who to follow online.

Competition on keywords is profound and organic searches may not be effective in bringing your desired amount of traffic. As a result, make sure you go for the Pay Per Click Campaign which will have your website ads displayed on the free search results of other pages. Every time someone clicks on the search ad, you pay the search engine that has displayed your keyword.

Use Your Keywords Optimally

Make your website primarily for users not for search engines. Keywords need to be used with maximum moderation to avoid stuffing them and compromising your website content. It is recommended that you use a keyword density of 1 to 2 percent. Keyword usage or density would depend on the length of content but for a quick example, it is recommended you use keywords at most once for every hundred words. Keywords should be naturally inserted to ensure they don’t seem out of place.

There are keyword density checking tools that you can use to determine how appropriately and effectively you have used your keywords.

Invest on Your Link Building Campaigns

Guest posting is very effective in enhancing organic traffic, promoting sales leads and ensuring you reach new prospect customers. It is an intense process that requires a perfect strategy spanning from keywords planning, anchor texts designing to determining the authority sites where your blog posts would be featured. Posting blog posts on authority sites that are on your niche enhances your chances of finding new clients and generating new traffic to your website.

Authority sites of DA 90+ would give your site an enhanced visibility because such sites have millions of visitors every month. The more people come across your site, the more search engines deem your website to of high value so you rank high. Link building therefore gives your website a substantial value to enable you rank high on search engines.

Find reputable sites that people can trust and feature your website links on it. For example, one link on a University website would be more fruitful compared to 1000 links on untraceable blogs. Always thrive to make sure you get official sites that are respected to include your site links.

Relevant Content Is the Magic

Your web pages should be giving answers to the questions that people search online. If you don’t have a proper content collection, you could end up losing your website traffic as people would be looking for more relevant sites where they can fetch answers from.

Choose engaging topics, do intense research on industry related topics, use credible sources to get your source data and ensure you craft perfect content that will sound informative and relevant to the topic. Funny thing is that not all web SEO experts know how to write which is why many people hire expert writers. Hiring writers enables you to get relevant content that gives your clients the best information. The more your content is relevant, the more people share it, make it as reference and the more other people feature it on their website as links for people to read more.

Go Social and Make Sure Your Website is User Friendly

Even with all these interventions, it is also important to ensure you also invest on social media. Link websites to your social media pages so that your online social media audience directly joins and you will be able to get brand ambassadors, new clients and more expose besides the SEO campaigns that you would already be performing. Another secret is make sure you make your website more user friendly where people could easily navigate through it easily and find whatever they want.

To sum it up, you cannot thrive online without a proper SEO strategy. In fact, it is required that you restructure and rebuild your strategies to meet the ever changing SEO rules. A slight reluctance in SEO campaigns could make your website to be submerged beneath the hundreds of millions of websites. There is no permanent success in SEO success so keep doing it at your best to remain on top.