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SEO Trends in 2018: What to Expect

SEO Trends in 2018

As SEO starts to change, there are a few things that markets need to understand. The days of back linking to receive increased traffic are over. You’ll have to implement a multitude of strategies to ensure that your page grows and gain more conversions.

The strategies discussed in this guide will be of great use once you apply them to your site. Remember, you’ll always want to change your page and make it more approachable for your visitors engaging with the site. Keep these ideas in mind to ensure that you increase your conversion rate and have loyal users on your page.

Organic CTR Increase

In March 2017, Google reported a 37.5% drop of the total websites’ CTR (click through rates). CTR is the ratio of users clicking on a specific link on a website, email, app, or an advertisement. We can expect that more websites will rely on more organic based CTR rates by 2018.

Another reason why is because Google is starting to crowd out organic search results. They are doing this by adding “People Ask” sections, Carousels, Ads, Answer Boxes and much more. Since Google is attempting to monetizing their search engine results pages (SERP), pages will have to do the following things:

Scale up your content marketing

Doing this allows your page to have more opportunities to rank within Google’s algorithm. We suggest that you publish more off-topic content to increase your brand affinity and use remarketing to convert these new visitors.

Invest in PPC, social marketing, email marketing, and other channels

This helps offset any losses that are on the site’s organic SERP.

Optimize your site to increase the organic SERPs

You can do this by meeting Google’s search criteria by creating high-quality content, and through creating meta descriptions and headlines to show that you’re delivering valuable information to your audience.

Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the way how search engines rank their pages. Also, machine learning is changing the way how searches take place; this means that users can find contextualized results faster.

As a result, this will create a more personalized experience. The rise of virtual assistants and voice searches will reward SEO strategies that stay with modern trends and set the ground for creating exceptional artificial intelligence.

Google’s Rank Brain, which is their deep learning algorithm, is also affecting the search landscape. We can expect more changes in 2018 pertaining to AI and machine learning, and Google’s plan to develop in this area states that there are more changes and innovations on the horizon.

User Experience

2018 is the year where content marketers must take user experience seriously. Google has stated that each site’s main focus should be on the user and make a smoother UX for them.

Why is user experience important? A site with a good user experience will increase the chances of their users engaging with the content that’s placed on it. This helps Google’s search engine determine which pages are useful and favor them over others.

The first thing to consider is your site’s running speed, navigation structure, and readability. Examine each of these components and make improvements to improve your site’s user experience. For example, if your site takes more than 10 seconds to load, you’ll want to decrease the speed so your users can navigate through your pages easier.

Since more people are searching through sites via mobile devices, there is an increasing need to give an excellent user experience throughout all devices. Make sure that your pages have a responsive design to ensure that it works correctly whether they are viewing your site through desktop or a mobile phone.

As SEO is starting to turn to a more personalized experience, UX is the key to maintaining user engagement and creating an engaged audience. Increasing your audience engagement will help your site conversions and increase your site traffic.

2018 SEO Improvements

The rise of voice search, PPC, and local SEO results will provide more conversions than just organic site rankings. That’s why you need to keep up with the latest trends and create a successful SEO strategy in order to improve your brand.

What’s important to know is that while we are getting closer to 2018 and that SEO is changing, getting to the front page with organic results isn’t the ultimate goal. Now that search engines are evolving; there is a myriad of opportunities to increase overall earnings on your page.

Conclusively, we believe that 2018 is going to be a great year for SEO. While traditional SEO techniques are effective, you’re going to have to adapt to newer trends as they’ll start to make a huge impact on search engine results.