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Server Side-Coding

Server Side-Coding
Server Side-Coding

As the internet developed, the demand grew for dynamic web pages which display different content for individual users, and are constantly changing the information in their View. For instance, users who log into a website will see personalised content depending on their previous activity, preferences, or their status.

To create a great dynamic web page for your clients, it requires server-side coding and scripting. They can be updated in a real-time environment to do tasks such as showing the latest score for a soccer match or a by showing which products are in your consumer’s shopping basket.

Search Engine Ways can assist you in creating a fully-functional site that’s dynamic enough to keep your users and clients engaged. This of course results in more conversions, improved brand awareness, and a better online identity.

What is Server-Side Coding?

In web applications, the “server” is placed in a remote location that sends pages to the client and processes web pages. Web applications have code that’s processed on the web server or on the client’s browser.

However, there is often a disconnect between the web server and  the page displayed in the browser. You need a server-side coder who has an eye for detail and is familiar with the nuances of server code. If your server is well-maintained website bugs will be a very rare occurrence.

There are many server-side technologies that can be used when creating web applications. The most commonly known is Microsoft’s ASP.NET. With ASP.NET, the server side code uses a .NET framework and is written in code such as VB.NET and C#.

Server-side processing is needed to work and interact with permanent storage such as files and databases. The server also processes user input and render the pages to the client. Server-side processing occurs when a page or information is requested, and it is then posted back to the View.

Some examples of this are retrieving and saving data, user validation, and navigating your site to other pages. Our service provides high-quality server-side coding to ensure that your website is running properly and is protected from any server issues (DNS issues, site shutdowns, DDoS attacks).

Benefits of Server Side Coding

These are the following benefits you expect when using working with Search Engine Way’s server-side coding team.

  • Generally faster to load than client-side scripting.
  • Scripts are hidden from client’s view for increased security.
  • The user can create templates for an entire website.
  • The site has a content management system for easier editing.
  • The user doesn’t have to download extra plugins like Flash or Java.
  • The user can include external files for faster coding.

Most websites that we see today use dynamic content. This dynamic content is powered and managed via server-side coding. Some of the most common languages for this is Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, and ASP.Net. Most server-side code is open for anyone to use and has an open platform.

Faster Load Times

Also, the load times are faster than client side coding. Server-side coding doesn’t have to rely on things such as web hosting for it to work. On average, expect to wait 4 seconds for a server-side script to load while client-side code can take up to 19 seconds to load up.

We ensure that our clients have a fast load time on both the client and server side of their web page.  Search Engine Ways has professional coders that are trained to optimize your website so that it has a user-friendly interface for your customers.

Better Protection

Server-side coding has better protection for your client’s privacy and is the recommended option for e-commerce, social media, and membership sites. The coder is harder for hackers to breach and takes ensures that your users can view your site without having their identity on public display.

Since the scripting takes place on the server, it’s not sent to the web browser. This is an advantage as it prevents your site’s code from being duplicated, copied, stolen and exposed to hacking vulnerabilities.

Easier to Use

When using server scripting languages such as PHP, it can be easily transferred to other sites such as WordPress. PHP can be configured and modified to use CMS applications, like Joomla and WordPress. As a result, CMS users can update and create content without the need for coding.

As the internet continues to grow, the amount of client-side coding and scripting will continue to increase. We want to help our clients by providing up to date code and scripts to ensure that their site runs as smoothly as possible. If you wish to have a problem free site that is prepared for the rapidly-changing internet, consider checking out our Server-code maintenance packages!

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