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Web Design

Ensuring that your website is properly designed is one of the most important parts of running one. Your site can perform as smoothly as possible, but if it looks like it was designed in the early 2000s, you may have some difficulty attracting customers in the first place, let alone maintaining them.

Here at Search Engine Ways, we try to provide a wide range of services that cover almost every domain of SEO design. From web domains and server hosting all the way to web development, we have you covered if you are trying to improve your search results and the traffic headed to your site.

We will be addressing four different aspects of web design in this area of our site, but first, we want to give you an overview of web design and its importance. Our unique approach to web design will also be introduced, and you will be able to draw your conclusions when it comes to the best option.

The Big Four

After quality, we are going to be going over our research and how it changes the way we look at web design. Designing websites is a discipline that is more complex than you would expect. Web designers have to blend elements of art, programming, writing, and so much more when they are creating a website.

A web designer must be as versatile as possible, but must also be a quick worker. The results of our services speak for themselves, so the section after research will address what we do for you. You may be impressed by the potential results that we can achieve for your business.

A Word on Content Management Systems

We are adept at web design on various CMS (content management systems), so it is likely that we will be able to work with your preferred choice. The CMS that we can work with include WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and more, and we are equally adept with each one of these systems.

Of these choices, you will find that Shopify is the most popular, and it tends to offer the most variety when it comes to plugins and themes. If you would like the greatest range of functionality for your site, Shopify is by far the best option and one that we specialize in.

As we stated earlier, we have no issues with other CMS, but the popularity and options of Shopify mean that we can do more for you by working with them. Of course, the choice is up to you in the end when it comes to choosing your CMS, and that is why we are capable of working with each of them.

Once you have decided on the ideal content management system for your needs, we can get started. Now that we have gone over the broad strokes of our services feel free to delve into any of the subjects that interest you.

The Quality of Our Web Design

One of the most crucial parts of our service is always ensuring that we provide a high-quality end product to our customers. Our designers are skilled in a wide range of different tasks, and they are capable of designing just about any website that you can imagine, whether minimalist or up-front.

Mobile Site Compatibility

When it comes to web design, we do not only optimize our sites for use with computers, but also devices such as smartphones and tablets. More and more business is taking place on mobile devices, and a properly optimized mobile site is almost necessary for any successful business.

Unlike some of the competition, the mobile versions of our sites will not be entirely different from the full-size ones. Our designers work hard to ensure that there are similar design elements across the mobile and full versions of sites; they even try to provide an interface that is reminiscent of the full site.

Improved Conversion Rate

While visitors and overall traffic are an important metric that can inform you of whether or not your site is working as expected, you will find that conversion rate is just as (if not more) important. Your conversion rate is the ratio of visitors at your site that end up becoming customers compared to those who only browse.

We incorporate methods that are meant to improve your conversion rate without any drastic changes. For example, an optimized “Contact Us” section that will give the customer the information they need right away instead of making them search for it can help improve conversion rate.

Our websites are also designed to feature an aesthetic that helps improve conversion rate. A sleeker aesthetic that uses the right colors and interface can make a service or a product much more compelling for your visitors.

A host of factors go into the design process of our websites, but the conversion rate is one that sees quite a bit of focus.

E-Commerce Compatible

An e-commerce site has a few different functions than your typical web page, but nothing too complicated. Nevertheless, we also provide services for e-commerce sites, and we will take a closer look at your products and ensure that they are displayed in a way that attracts sales.

You don’t have to worry about any design aspects of your e-commerce site since we handle the setup of all of the systems like gateways for payment, and much more. We try to get to know your brand and market it in a way that will attract the consumer demographic that you are trying to pursue.

Simple Site Navigation

The last thing you will want is a site that is laid out poorly. Every site that we create has a basic layout that is accommodating for first-time visitors. Everything that a potential customer would need is a click or two away, unlike some sites that force them through menu after sub-menu to find what they need.

This aspect also stands true for our mobile site design. It is shocking when you see a full site that is laid out beautifully but is accompanied by a mobile site that seems like it was designed ten years ago. Our designers will ensure that your mobile site is just as accessible as the full one.

Our Web Design Research

Research is one of the most integral parts of web design, and many people may not guess this. When you think about it, it makes sense that a good deal of research would go into the design of a site.

Everything from the colors to the layout of the interface can affect whether or not you convert visitors to customers, so let’s get right to it.

Understanding Your Business

Keep in mind that we will be able to create a better website if you provide more information, so don’t be shy. Of course, trade secrets and anything that you would like to keep confidential can remain that way. While it is crucial that we understand your product or service, we also want to understand the mission of your business.

It becomes far more straightforward to design the ideal website for a business with which we are intimately acquainted.

Understanding Your Competition

Other than your business, we will have to research your competitors to see how they are marketing the same product or service. We will take a look at how their websites are laid out and offer recommendations based on the results of our research.

It is relatively simple to correlate the design of certain competitor sites with their success in the domain of e-commerce. If there is a competitor whose business is booming in the online marketplace, you know that they are doing something right with their site design.

When we are researching your competition, we do not only focus on what they are doing right but also what they are doing wrong, so that you can avoid any potential issues. Your competition can be an excellent source of info on what to avoid, especially the competitors that are less successful.

SEO Research

This is perhaps the most important form of research that we can do to ensure that your site ends up as the top result on some of the best search engines. We will take a look at the best ways that we can incorporate your branding into SEO, and we will also look at optimization for sites similar to yours.

Since we experience in web design, there are few types of sites that we have never seen before. While it is true that every web page is unique, all except for the most experimental of them will not vary wildly from the established design, especially if you are trying to market something.

While there are categories that sites typically fall into, each site that we make is optimized to engage the visitor and ensure an excellent conversion rate. Websites can fall into relatively formulaic categories, but we still have a relatively massive range of things we can do to improve the experience for the visitor.

One more thing to account for is that SEO and web design are both ever-changing, so they will never stagnate. Our research does more than just look at the current state of SEO, we try to look to the future and predict the coming trends.


Of course, if you are going to be enlisting our help in designing your website, you will want to know what kind of results we can achieve. Our experienced web design team has hundreds of hours of work under their belts, and they are capable of providing exactly what you need.

We Will Keep You Up to Speed

While we are in the process of making your website, you will not be left in the dark. When the client doesn’t know how their site is progressing, there is often quite a large margin for catastrophic failure. We try to stay in close contact with our clients so we can provide the best site possible for their needs.

We will also inform you if we come across any issues and delays, feel free to provide input on how we should proceed in situations where there are conflicting issues. You can be as involved with the site building process as you would like, you don’t have to provide any input if you feel things are progressing to your liking.

We Strive for Timeliness

We understand the world of SEO and digital marketing as our business is immersed in it. In this domain, being on time is one of the most important skills you can possess.

Since many people in this industry work from home, it can be easy to have your schedule slip, but we ensure that our sites are rolled out on time, every time. A late site launch can end up losing you quite a bit of money, and no one wants to roll out a new site on a bad note such as that one.

Feel free to let us know your projected timeframe for the development of your site. Knowing when you would need your website ready makes it easier for us to create our design schedule.

It is not unheard of for websites to be done sooner than their deadline if things go particularly smoothly. You can rest assured that we take our time to go over every bit of your site before it is ready to be launched. A careful editing process is integral to making your site look professional.

Google Analytics

Knowing something like the source of your traffic is an excellent way to ensure that you can market to the best possible demographic. Google Analytics also gives you a convenient overview of your conversion rate, so you can know how many of your visitors are subscribing, purchasing, or otherwise engaging.

Google Analytics will measure everything for you on helpful graphs and charts so that you may have an idea of how your website progresses over time. There are few better ways to gauge the results of a change to your site than using the data that is provided by this program from Google.

Before, During, and After Launch

When your website has finally gone through the design process, and we have followed each of your instructions to the letter, there are a few things to go over before the site is rolled out. You may also end up requiring support after your site has been launched, in which case we can help.

Editing Process

Before we launch your site, it is critical that we go through it and make sure that all of the pages are perfect. While we briefly touched on this earlier, you will find that the editing process is more complicated than you expect. If you wish, you may be involved with the editing process, and you can send us recommendations.

Editing a website is not like editing a book. In fact, editing in web design is more reminiscent of newspaper or magazine editing than anything else thanks to the various forms of media that will be used. When we go over your site, we will have to pay close attention to more than just the writing.

Keep in mind that there is much more to go wrong on a website than on any other form of media. Since sites are interactive, they will have to account for any actions that can be undertaken by the visitor. An improperly edited website may be littered with bad gateways and pages that cannot be found.

When we edit a website, we do not use a single editor, but rather an editing team. One member of the team consists of a writer who edits the text on the site, the next edits videos and photos, and we also have a web designer go over the links and similar interactive parts of the site.

The Launch Itself

By the time the site has been completed, it is yours to do with as you please. The working relationship between us and your business does not have to end at that point, however. In fact, we can keep supporting your site even after it has been launched.

Post-Launch Support

As we stated earlier on, web design is a process that is in a constant state of change due to different web designs taking turns at the forefront of the industry. If you want to stay on the ball, you’re going to need continued support for your website after it has been launched.

There are a few ways that you can ensure that your site gets the support that it needs after it has been launched. You can hire a webmaster to manage the site and possibly integrate some upgrades, or you could use our subscription-based service that provides support for your site and much more.

When you are at the cutting edge of web design in your particular field, it becomes incredibly easy to outdo the competition. Post-launch support is almost necessary if you are going to maintain your position in the industry.

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