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Web Development
Web Development

Web development is an incredibly broad category that encompasses a range of different disciplines. Covering everything from the design of your web page to the SEO and keywords, developing websites is a complex discipline but one that can help businesses get their products out on the market.

Nearly any unregulated item can be purchased online. Brick and mortar retailers are going out of business at an alarming rate as online shopping becomes more and more widespread. Programs that are being implemented by online marketplaces are offering more and more benefits to customers.

With the advent of affordable expedited shipping combined with the ever-increasing selection of online goods, it is no wonder that internet retailers are making money hand over fist. Keep in mind that e-commerce is not the only domain of web development that can be highly lucrative, however.

Our site specializes in providing web development services for a wide range of clients. Regardless of whether you are trying to market a product online or if you are attempting to create a successful blog, we will find a way to help you out. Our web development can boost your client base by a substantial amount.

On the other hand, if you would like a whole website built from scratch, we can also do that for you. The scale of the endeavor is not what matters; we are more concerned about what it is that you want. It is for this reason that we employ a staff versatile enough to cater to the needs of our customers.

Though our staff may be ready for any challenges that come their way, they are web developers first and foremost, so you don’t have to worry about the site itself. While our employees may have specializations that range outside of the realm of web development, they are each highly qualified individuals in the field.

Feel free to take a look at the results section if you would like to know more about the end status of your website after working with us. You can also go over the quality of the service that we provide, which is closely linked to the results since you can’t get good results without excellent service quality.

We would recommend going over each of the following four sections and then considering whether or not we can help you develop your website. We try to provide something for every one of our customers, but some may just have fundamentally different needs, though it is not often.

Quality Web Development

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service. When you are looking for a developer to build your website, you will want to search for a company that provides the quality that you are looking for. Keep in mind that sites of a higher quality will end up being more expensive, so you will also have to balance your budget.

Mobile Site Design and Development

Mobile sites are crucial, and this is a fact. It is nearly impossible to be a successful business unless you have a mobile site. We can build any mobile site that you want. If you would prefer a site that resembles a version of your full website optimized for mobile, we can do that.

You will typically want to ensure that your mobile site operates smoothly and efficiently, so this is where our web developers come into play. While the designers lay out the site when it comes to aesthetics, the developers have full control over how the UI functions and how customers interact with the site.

Since your customers will be able to access your site while they are on the move, the implementation of a quality mobile site can start raising your revenue measurably. You may be surprised by how many people will browse your site from a tablet or smartphone, so it helps to keep them happy.

WordPress Integration

One of the most useful tools for a web developer is a content management system (also referred to as a CMS) since it makes the job much more streamlined. Many are under the mistaken belief that using a CMS will result in a site that is boring and formulaic, but a skilled developer can perform miracles with WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS that has a high skill ceiling for web developers. While it may be relatively easy to get into WordPress, you will be able to create little more than a basic site without sufficient knowledge about web development. All of our employees are highly qualified on WordPress and many other CMSs.

This CMS is much more versatile than some of your other options, however. Some CMS are optimized to work with storefronts or blogs, but WordPress can work with nearly anything. Our web designers can help you implement any of WordPress’s thousands of plugins or themes.

Other CMS Qualifications

While WordPress may be the most popular CMS, that does not mean that it is the only one that we specialize in. We are capable of working with a range of CMSs that include BigCommerce and more.

We can also create a website for you using the Squarespace CMS. Squarespace is perfect for those who would like to blend a marketplace and a blog into one site since it has features that support both of those types of sites. When opting for Squarespace, you have a choice of either a personal site or a professional site.

Our web developers have no issues working on any of the platforms that we have mentioned, so you can rest assured that we provide versatile web services.

Always on the Search for Knowledge

Here at Search Engine Ways, we pride ourselves on proper research. In the world of web development, research plays a massive role in improving your chances of success. When you know more than the competition, you simply have more courses of action open to you and your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the research that we do to ensure that your site functions as smoothly as possible.

Qualified Employees

Having employees who have worked in this sector for so long is a massive benefit to us since our staff is more qualified than much of the competition. Since our workers are so capable, they can take some initiative when it comes to designing your site (nothing outside of your recommendations, of course).

How does this affect research, you may be wondering? Employees with experience can make use of their knowledge in the field when it comes to developing your site. Instead of blindly following instructions without understanding, our talented employees know what they are doing every step of the way.

Google Analytics and Research

How exactly does Google Analytics help you run your website? When you go to your site’s analytics page, you get access to graphs that describe shifts in the variables over time, so that you may watch the progress of your site.

Proper use of this program can help you find the demographic that is visiting your site most often. If you know your most frequent visitors, it becomes much easier for you to target them with your marketing campaigns, and quite a bit more.

Importance of Usability Studies

We have researched various studies about the preferred form of a web page to ensure that we can provide a site that is both consciously and subconsciously attractive to a customer. Consumer psychology is a massive part of the business world, and the same holds true when that business is performed online.

Our usability studies help us ensure that we have the right interface for certain types of sites. For example, you will not use the same kind of UI on a storefront as the kind that you would use on a blog. For a storefront, you are better off opting for a site design that helps encourage purchases.

An improved user experience means that visitors will be more likely to engage with your site and even return. Most websites have a logical design that users are accustomed to, breaking this mold can either be incredibly successful or catastrophic, and the decision is usually governed by usability studies.

Without usability studies, we would have to find the best design for a particular website using trial-and-error, a process which rarely works out well in the business world. If you are not willing to take a risk on your site and your business, opt for a web developer that makes use of these studies, such as us.

What Results Can We Provide?

When it comes down to it, results are all that matter. In the world of business, you either have results, or you have nothing. If you are wondering what results we are capable of providing for your business, this is the perfect section for you, as we will detail a range of benefits to your site.

Quick and Responsive Sites

One of the most disappointing things you can experience as the owner of an internet-based business is finding out that your website is slow. Web-hosting is a massive industry, and the right servers can get expensive. Thankfully, we provide domain and web-hosting service as well.

If you are tired of your site being too slow for your customers, it can be transferred to our servers. Since we used Google’s hosting service, you will have a choice of lightning-fast servers in over 10 locations scattered across the world; this helps you avoid any latency problems with your site.

Latency can slow down your site, but it also depends on the quality of the servers that you are using. Google’s servers are some of the most advanced available. You don’t have to worry about your site files being too heavy for the server to handle quickly.

Keep in mind that your site’s responsiveness does not only depend on its servers. You will want your site to be sufficiently optimized for most platforms and screen ratios. If your site does not work well on a smartphone or tablet, we can optimize it to load as quickly as the full site.

Costs of Our Services

As with any web developer, the price will depend on the size of the project that has to be undertaken. If you would like some small edits made to your site, we offer reasonable rates. You can pick and choose what you would like included in your site to ensure that the price is within your budget range.

Instead of financially crippling every customer that comes to us, we try to understand their needs and formulate a plan for a site that can fit in their budget. If you don’t know whether you have enough money for your site, you can always give us a call and get an idea of our rates.

Easy Maintenance

We want to ensure that your site is as easy to work with as possible. We understand that it is unlikely that all of our clients will have the necessary skills to maintain an overly complicated page. Depending on the CMS that you choose, it will be easier or more challenging to perform site maintenance.

If you would like to avoid a site that is difficult to work with, we would recommend opting for one that is based on WordPress. While WordPress gives web developers a wide range of options to tinker with, it is also relatively simple for inexperienced users that would like to perform simple site maintenance.

While you can create more specialized blogs and storefronts with other CMS options, you may end up having to hire a webmaster to handle your site maintenance. Of course, this all depends on how involved you are when it comes to web development.

We understand that working with a service such as us does not mean that the customer has no web development knowledge. Sometimes, you just don’t have enough time to build your own website. If that is the case, then it is likely that you will be perfectly capable of maintaining your site.

Feel Free to Contact Us

In the web development world, and in many other industries where prices can fluctuate based on the work that is accomplished, it helps to maintain a close link between the client and their chosen service. We believe that you should be able to contact us whenever you need, and we will also be in periodic contact with you.

First Contact

If you like what you hear when you first contact us, you can feel free to move on to the next phase of designing your website, which consists of letting us know what you want out of it. When it comes to your instructions, you can make them incredibly detailed, or you can give us a broad overview of what you would like.

We have experience dealing with clients who are entirely new to the world of web development, and we are perfectly capable of helping you through the process. Keep in mind that we have no problem catering to the needs of more advanced clients as well, in fact, it is usually simpler due to more detailed directives.

We will never get started on a site that a client is not 100% satisfied with because we believe in customer satisfaction.

Regular Updates from Us

Of course, nothing is forcing you to participate in the development of your site. We would recommend staying in contact and at least looking over progress reports, even so. Watching your site’s progress may give you some ideas for features to be added during the development process, and we can accommodate requests.

If you would like a particular schedule for updates, feel free to discuss it with us. We can update you every so often, or we can update you when we reach certain milestones in the site’s development; we can even do both. Feel free to discuss this matter with us when we arrange the site.

You have many options when it comes to contacting us. We would recommend filling out the form on our site for a timely response, though our email is also a valid option. Even if you aren’t sure whether or not you can make use of our services, contact us and we can discuss it.

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